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  • Immy Mali
  • @immymali


Immy from Arua, lives and works in Kampala Uganda. Using a variety of media including, text, video, sound, sculpture, installation, animation, her work attempts to unpack the complexities and entanglements of memory and existence in a neo/postcolonial Uganda. Notions of presence and absence, personal memories of childhood growing up in Uganda juxtaposed with current personal and collective experiences of existence in shifting spaces also influence her work. Her ongoing project Letters to my childhood (2017-present) accords her the duality to engage with her past and present simultaneously.


In 2013, she obtained a Bachelors degree in Industrial and Fine Arts from Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine arts, Makerere University, Kampala. She is an alumnus of the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam, Netherlands (2018-2019). She is a member of the artist advisory committee for Open Source Gallery, New York. She was among the shortlisted artists for the Henrike Grohs Award 2020. Mali has participated in exhibitions, residencies and workshops in various countries including Kabbo ka Muwala (The Girl's Basket) 2016 in Uganda, Germany and other exhibitions in  Kenya, Netherlands, India, Ethiopia, Denmark, USA, South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, and Uganda. Her work has been published in art magazines including the Africa arts journal 2019.

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